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With the rugged Pinnacles National Park as the backdrop, our site boasts a rare blend of limestone and decomposed granite.



Organic farming, hand-harvesting, and restraint in winemaking practices yield the purest expression of our unique terroir.



Raised in the vineyard, Bill Brosseau is a second-generation grower and winemaker. His family began winegrowing in Chalone more than 40 years ago. Bill's nostalgic childhood among the vines has led to a deep passion and appreciation for the land and the craft. 


certified organic winegrowing

In 2011, Brosseau Vineyard was the first wine estate to be “Certified Organic” in Monterey’s Chalone Appellation. To become and maintain certification is no simple task. So why do we do it?


Organic farming allows us to create the purest expression of each grape variety we grow. Avoiding synthetic chemicals encourages our natural biodiversity to flourish, providing our grapes an environment where they can thrive. Our organic vineyard produces healthier, better grapes, allowing us to take a minimalistic approach in the cellars.


We believe that as farmers, we have a responsibility to care for our land and pass along a sustainable planet for future generations. We also believe that providing a healthy environment for our vineyard team, family, winemakers and those who visit our vineyard is paramount. When you walk in our vineyard, there is a great feeling of life and essence in the atmosphere.

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