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Vineyard & Wine Consultancy

Brosseau Wine Design is a consultancy service led by famed winegrower and winemaker Bill Brosseau. Bill has 25 years of experience working with prestigious California producers; he offers his expertise in vineyard development and on winemaking projects to others that share his passion. Learn more at



Phil Woodward | Co-Founder & CEO, Chalone Wine Group

“I have enjoyed Bill’s wines from his very first vintage of Chalone Appellation wines. Bill, like Dick Graff, captures the essence of the Chalone terroir, especially in his Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs.”

John S. | Carmel Valley

“Bill is a fabulous consultant. Bill brings organic farming knowledge to the table, but he adds another dimension. Bill knows what we need to do to change the profiles of some of our grapes. Bill is awesome in helping us better grow grapes for wine. He’s super important for us. He helps translate what winemakers may want from us in terms of a fruit profile. He knows what our customers value. He and Manuel working together is pure magic.”

Danyal Kasapligil | Certified Professional Agronomist

“Working with some of the top estates in California as well as educational trips abroad, I have met and worked with many talented winegrowers and winemakers. I have known Bill for 20 years and I can say that he is one of the most talented combination of the two. I was so drawn to his winemaking philosophy that I began using his consultation on my own winemaking in my home cellar.”



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